What is a PIM Blanket?

PIM Blanket is an RF protector that is explicitly used as a temporary barrier for Passive Intermodulation (PIM). PIM is typical for places with many RF Connections such as antennas, coax cables, connectors, and conflicting signals that may cause signal interference.

People involved in telecommunications, service providers, or anyone who wants to achieve consistent signal output need to suppress PIM to prevent unwanted interference. PIM Blanket does an excellent job of providing temporary protection for any more radiofrequency sources.

How can a PIM blanket be useful?

The general purpose of using a PIM Blanket is to mediate the excessive PIM sources. The best way to understand how valuable a PIM Blanket iis through understanding the need to overcome external PIM sources and their potential effects.

External PIM Remediation

The primary application of a PIM Blanket is to serve as a temporary RF barrier during the External PIM Remediation. The process involves accomplishing specific actions that may contribute to the production of external PIM through the site’s antenna infrastructure, roofing technology, and more.

Blocking Signals

Decreased receiver sensitivity caused by external PIM may block output and input signals which may be detrimental, especially for service providers. PIM Blankets are excellent in mediating and preventing this from occurring.

Dropped Calls

Another risk of PIM problems is the increased cases of dropping calls. Lower overall data rate and poor connection cause this to happen, and without any protective barrier or PIM preventative solutions such as PIM Blanket, this will continue occurring.

Decreased System Capacity

Data transmission and stable connection are crucial issues, especially now, where everyone uses modern technologies that may require nothing less than optimal system capacity. The amount of interference will cause decreased data transmission quality and poor connection.

Where to buy a PIM blanket?

Passive Intermodulation is constantly becoming a more serious problem as we go all wireless; more potential interference may occur. Risks of decreased connection reliability, blocked signals, reduced data rate, and compromised network capacities are all too much to ignore.

Purchasing an excellent high-quality PIM Blanket is necessary to mitigate these underlying concerns of PIM temporarily. If you ever wonder where it’s best to find an excellent temporary RF barrier, we are pleased to recommend you to check them out at Radio Gagas today!

We offer multiple PIM Blankets in different sizes, come with integrated tie-down loops, and are made with heavy-duty vinyl construction. These PIM Blanket works best when deployed at rooftops and base station antennas to provide isolation for various PIM sources. 


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