Yagi Antenna

As you may all know, antennas are essential in any radio receiver to create a connection and carry out a signal through wireless transmission. Whether for radio or any other application that includes transmitting connection, antennas are crucial. However, there are different types of antennas used for slightly different applications. One of the most commonly used is called Yagi Antenna.

What is Yagi Antenna

A Yagi Antenna is a directional antenna that uses single-direction radiation that transmits energy to improve the cellular signal, commonly used for radio applications. Yagi Antenna has many different purposes depending on your intended application. However, it is widely used at an industrial level to work on radars and detect particular movement, as well as for ham radio.

How Does a Yagi Antenna Work

Different antenna types ultimately have a similar purpose, but they might have skewed differences regarding how it works. Generally speaking, Yagi Antenna only works through the relations of these four essential parts.

  • Driven Element – the driven element of the Yagi Antenna is the part where power is applied. It is where the line is attached from the transmitter to the Yagi in order to disseminate the energy to the antenna. Typically the driven element is a half-wave dipole or folded dipole.
  • Reflector – the reflector part is often larger than the driven element, whose primary purpose is to reject any other signal interference while also being responsible for amplifying the signal inside. Generally speaking, a Yagi Antenna will only have one reflector as additional reflectors won’t make much difference.
  • Director – placed in the front of the driven element of a Yagi Antenna is the director. Their main purpose is to provide the antenna with directional power and add 1 dB of gain in the forward direction.
  • Line – the last but definitely not the least one is the line. This part holds the directors and reflector, connecting them to the driven element. You may think of the line as the spine of the Yagi Antenna.

Advantages of Yagi Antenna

Indeed before you opt for something, you should probably weigh the advantages you’ll be getting from the particular product. Here are some benefits you’ll get from using a Yagi Antenna.

One of the many good qualities of Yagi Antenna is its compact size and lightweight construction. You won’t have to worry much about the installation; place them wherever to find the best reception.

Another good thing about Yagi Antenna is that it substantially increases directivity and gain compared to other alternative dipole antennas. They are also much simpler to build and cost-effective. Yagi Antenna installation or mounting should be a breeze on vertical or other poles with standard fixings.

Where to Buy Yagi Antenna

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