Plenum-Rated Cable

Plenum Cables are ideally used in plenum areas wherein there is an open airflow circulation which is usually located in the drop ceiling and structural ceiling of a building. The reason is that these spaces with adequate open air flow are more prone to fire, which is why there are specific requirements for cables that run through these areas, such as fire-resistant and non-toxic cables.

These cables are also called Communications Multipurpose Plenum or CMP and are approved by laboratories to be safely used in an open-air environment and explicitly made to meet fire-safety solid hazards. Plenum-rated cables are excellent for ensuring safety and performance efficiency, especially for commercial use.

Difference of Plenum-Rated Cables to Non-Plenum Cables

The difference between plenum-rated and non-plenum cable is not what’s inside but more on the jacket or exterior part of the cable. These PVC ratings are either Plenum, Rise, or General Purpose Cables. Plenum cables are essentially made to enhance the flame-resistant properties of cables for prone areas such as open-air spaces in buildings.

On the other hand, non-plenum cables are usually cheaper than plenum cables, although they are not a fire retardant and can potentially release toxic gases if burned, which is why general-purpose cables should not be used for plenum areas

Where to Buy Plenum Cables

If you’re looking to buy yourself some plenum-rated cables for personal or business use, we are certainly pleased to inform you that we have everything you’ll need right in one place. Radio Gagas offers a vast selection of plenum-rated cables available online today!

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Showing 1–24 of 3277 results