LMR 200 Coaxial Cable

LMR 200 Coax Cable

LMR 200 Coaxial Cables are also known as LMR 200 Coax Cables. The low-loss cable differs from RG58 thanks to the coax cable’s double shielding which is designed to eliminate signal loss.

LMR 200 Coaxial Cables are rated for indoor and outdoor use and is noted for having a very durable, bendable, and flexible cable casing.

LMR Coaxial Cables

LMR 200 Coaxial Cables are the best for jumper assemblies in wireless communications systems. Whether that’s short antenna feeder runs or something else. LMR-200 is the way to go for any application requiring a simply routed, low loss RF cable, especially WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA, and mobile antennas. These coaxial cables are an easy drop-in replacement for RG-58 and RG-12 coaxial cables.

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