About Us

In a race to transform and set high-quality standards in the wireless industry, Radio Gagas sells the crucial equipment to provide a wireless network through data connections to telecommunications networks and business installations. In short, we’re committed to being one of the best distributors within the world of communication technology.

While Radio Gagas has built withstanding relationships with prominent manufacturers to better serve the wireless industry, our primary focus has been to distribute products to be used within antenna farms, HF, and shortwave radio installations. Oftentimes, we are the wholesale supplier to antenna stores as well as other telecommunications specialists. This network allows us to continuously expand as a wholesale distributor to offer everything from mobile antenna mounts and NMO antenna mounts to coaxial cables and UHF/VHF radio units and supplies.

How does Radio Gagas provide first-rate customer service?

  • By serving thousands of customers across varied industries and markets.
  • Offering a full spectrum of technologies, including CB antenna supplies.
  • Providing top brands like Sinclair, ICOM, Kenwood, and Tram at low prices.
  • Sharing our distribution expertise, technical proficiency, and a vast range of solutions to improve customer experiences.

We’re living in a wireless world that demands fast and reliable communication signals yet for many industries that’s one of the hardest things to ensure. Whether your business in on a remote oil rig off the coast of Louisiana, in a truck cruising through the Midwest, or in a remote encampment in Alaska, you can be sure that Radio Gagas will always keep you connected.